Career Coaching When You Are Ready For Something New

If you're feeling stuck in your career or uncertain about your next steps, The Career Clarity Initiative coaching program is for you. This program provides the clarity, confidence, and skills you need to land a job that's a perfect fit for your talents and interests.

You'll benefit from accountability and support as you create a resume and cover letter that will get you noticed, update your LinkedIn profile, and prepare for interviews. You'll be ready to confidently apply for jobs that align with your mission and values--jobs that will help you make a lasting impact in your field.

If you're ready to love your job again (or for the first time), sign up for The Career Clarity Initiative.

The Career Clarity Initiative is the perfect solution for to make a career change with confidence.

I will help you identify your strengths and passions, and develop a plan to achieve your goals. I'll help you take the next step in your career journey, no matter what it is.

Is It Time For a Career Change?

Let's find out!

It may be time to consider a career change if you don’t have these:

  • I am doing something that brings me joy rather than being in a thankless job.
  • I feel energized each morning rather than dread going to work.
  • Instead of feeling burned out, I am excited about the work I do.
  • My health is the best has been in a long time, stress is manageable.
  • My confidence in myself is high. I know my self-worth so I don’t second guess myself.
  • Feeling valued, appreciated, and supported is a weekly occurrence in my career.
  • I am making a difference in what I do.

So if it is time for a career change, now what?

Change can be scary and overwhelming if you are unsure of what direction to take.

You can start your path to a new career by:

1. creating an exit strategy if you are currently employed,

2. develop an action plan to get you employed, or

3. take the essential steps to start your own business.

But before you do anything, your mindset needs to be strengthen to prepare you for the journey.

What sets The Career Clarity Initiative apart is our inclusion of the PQ® Program Positive Intelligence® (aka PQ®). This groundbreaking mental fitness program empowers your overall wellness, enhances performance, and fosters healthy relationships by creating new neural pathways that form lasting positive habits.

Change can be daunting, especially when you're unsure of the direction to take. But you don't have to go through it alone. Join The Career Clarity Initiative Coaching Program, and let Ligia L. Gutierrez guide you toward a brighter career future. 

Through The Career Clarity Initiative, you will:

  1. Attain your goals with confidence and clarity so you don't feel lost and confused about your career. 
  2. Have a confidential and supportive coach/consultant who will guide you to go beyond updating your resume.
  3. Identify what you want in your life and career so you feel confident in your choices. 
  4. Strengthen your money mindset so that you understand and appreciate your worth. 
  5. Create a Personal Brand Soul Guide to better understand what you want for your career next phase.
  6. Bi-monthly coaching and consulting sessions so you have support and accountability.
  7. Consulting support on key initiatives such as Elevating the Resume, Interview Hot Seat, or Business Niche Development so you have expert advice.
  8. Create an Exit Strategy that is unique and doable for you so you leave your old job on a positive note and you don't leave with regret. 

Choose to work with Ligia for the 90-days or the six-month coaching and professional development program.  

Sign up today or book a consulting call to determine if we are the right fit.

Achieve your goals with confidence and clarity by having a confidential and supportive coach who will provide guidance to go beyond updating your resume.

Identify what you really want, strengthen your mindset, and create a doable plan for you.

The Courageous Coaching® Method Difference

The Courageous Coaching Method is used to give you clarity, action, and accountability.

‘I will hold you as powerful, no matter what, even when you can’t do so for yourself.’

The Courageous Coaching® Method incorporates: 

  • Spirit
  • Mindset/Identity
  • Beliefs
  • Decisions
  • Clear Outcomes
  • Action
  • Support Systems/Environment 

This High-level coaching program is customized for you and your goals so you build a solid foundation. Group coaching can be distracting to some, especially if you are trying to figure things out and you don't need additional distractions.

female career coach with glasses

Ligia L. Gutierrez

Ligia L. Gutierrez helps career changers upgrade their career by being a confident and happy leader by achieving focus, clarity, overcoming leadership challenges & money blocks. Ligia had a mid-career crisis in her late 40's, leaving a career she loved but that was slowly causing her mental and physical issues due to burnout.

After her mid-career crisis she went back to school to get her Masters in Leadership & Management, got certified as a Money Breakthrough Business Coach™, Sacred Money Archetype® coach, and started her coaching and consulting business.

For over thirty years, she has held many leadership roles in her career and as a volunteer.

Ligia provides a safe and trusting space where clients feel valued, appreciated, and confident.  When not coaching, Ligia loves to play in the dirt, take photographs, read, volunteer, travel, and enjoy a delicious herbal tea while watching one of my favorite YouTube channels. Ligia was born in Guatemala and raised by her grandmother until her parents moved her to the US. She is a mom of two (both in college), a wife, and a furball mom of a crazy and loveable papillon named Olympia along with our new addition, Gojira, our curious cat.

You will be supported through

  • Two monthly coaching sessions that will be personalized based on your needs.
  • Access for six weeks to The PQ® Program. 
  • Access to the PQ® app
  • Emergency Text access.

Based on goals that will be identified during Orientations & Expectation, Ligia will determine what programs will be used to support you (see below for a few examples). There is no additional cost.

red seat
($750 VALUE)

Not all interviews are the same. Prepare to be able to respond not with a perfectly practiced answer but by knowing yourself, your skills, your know how and how it will best suit your future employer. In this session you will go through a mock interview and will be coached on how you can improve your performance.

excited female
($550 VALUE)

Cover letter review is a must so you have a strong cover letter foundation that can be easily modified for multiple jobs. A tracking worksheet will be provided.

Sacred Money Archetype cards
Bonus ($1500 Value) if you sign up for 6 month coaching package

Sacred Money Archetype® VIP

Discover your Sacred Money Archetypes®, revealing the most profitable actions you can take to increase your income and secure your financial freedom and future.

For example, I will coach you to:

  • Pinpoint money blind spots and brainstorm opportunities for empowering your financial decisions and your personal growth.
  • Troubleshoot the money blind spots that are likely causing an "invisible ceiling" on your income. Surprisingly, this invisible ceiling exists at EVERY income level. Hearing what you need to break free will remove any limits on your financial freedom and inner worth.
  • Learn key areas where you may be giving away your power with money and identify steps you can take to own your value, with confidence and clarity.
  • Learn how to empower your voice when discussing money in any situation and calculate the amount this shift could potentially add to your bank account.

This a half day hands-on coaching session. It is equivalent to two months of coaching.

Choose the payment plan that works for you

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I get coaching on my current situation at my job?

As a leadership and management specialist, I will support you in navigating your current situation so that you reduce your stress and can leave on good terms.

What happens if I decide that I don't want to apply for a job but instead want to do my own thing?

During our sessions, we will work on creating clarity for what you want to do and develop a transition plan. As a certified Money Breakthrough Business Coach and a management & leadership specialist, I am able to switch gears from career coaching in the traditional sense so that you are supported while we work together.

My resume and cover letter are fine, so I won't need those bonuses, do I get something else?

Private coaching is very individualized so the direction we will take will be based on your needs. The "bonuses" are a guide to what you get while working with me. You may need something different like how to be a better leader, or improve your communication skills with your supervisor. You will have access to my experience, knowledge, and skills.

However, if you are looking for a new job, you will still benefit from having me review them.

Can I speak with someone before I sign up?

Of course! I have free consultation call appointments available every week.

Book your call here.

Can I get a refund or cancel?

Coaching/Consulting is not a course or product but rather a service. Prior to making your first payment, ensure you have received and signed the Client Agreement. Part of the agreement states, "By signing the Agreement you agree that, if, for any reason, you choose to cancel any part of the Services (the “Commitment Period”), you are obligated to pay or continue to pay whatever balance is due. To further clarify, no refunds will be issued, and all scheduled payments must be paid on a timely basis."

If you are hesitant, let's talk. I want to ensure you feel comfortable committing to coaching and consulting services.

How long are the one-on-one coaching sessions?

The virtual session will take up to 45-70 minutes on Zoom, Skype, or Google Meet.

How many coaching sessions are included?

Two one-on-one coaching sessions will be provided each month.

Are the coaching sessions in person?

Coaching sessions are virtual via Zoom, Google Meets, or Skype.

Can I text you?

Text messaging will be available during business hours, though they are not to used as an additional coaching session. Emergency text messages can be sent to Coach after hours, including on Saturday and Sunday. They will be answered at the discretion and availability of the Coach. 

How do I schedule my appointment?

Upon purchasing coaching, you'll receive further instructions on how to book a time for your appointment.

I don't see a time that works for me, that will give me time before my interview, what do I do?

Contact Ligia at [email protected] so that she can look at her calendar to see what can be done to make it work.

Can I purchase coaching more than once?

Absolutely! If you find yourself in need of coaching more than once, simply purchase the coaching again or continue your subscription.

Is the Orientation and Expectation session counted towards one of my monthly sessions?

No. This is a bonus session to help us get on the same page and develop a plan for the time we will be working together.

How will I get access to the PQ app?

Once we have met for the Orientation and Expectation session, you will be given instructions on how to access this valuable tool and you will be able to start as soon as you can.

I want to sign up for the six month program and get the Sacred Money Archetype VIP session bonus, what do I do?
Click on to the six month coaching payment. There is an option to pay in installments using Affirm or Afterpay.

Why is the paid in full less than the monthly?
The reason the paid-in-full option for our coaching program is less than the monthly payment is because we highly value your commitment to your personal and professional growth. When you choose to pay in full, you benefit from a discounted rate as a token of our appreciation for your dedication.

If we accomplish the goals we set out before my time with you is over, what happens?

We will regroup and create new goals that are inline with the new direction for the duration of the coaching sessions. Don't worry, there is always something that will benefit you.